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Invitation for a Special performance (Volvio Juanita) we are delighted to share our work with all the community by producing a special event where we can showcase our performances, which are all based on the most representative and traditional dances from Colombia.

Juanita is a Colombian immigrant working as a cleaner in London. Frustrated with her situation decides to come back to Colombia to achieve her last gramma wish.

Juanita embarks on a journey to look for her lost seven sisters spread throughout the regions of Colombia.

Colombia is a land where butterflies and flowers can draw landscapes full of color over the mountains.

Colombia is the land where you can find the most friendly and helpful people who will make you feel part of their family.

Colombia is a land where every single city and town has a traditional dance or music festival any time in the year. And of course, it is also the land where you can taste the best coffee in the world. Our performance consists of a wonderful dancing journey, covering all the regions in Colombia.

Starting at the flatlands, a region where the sunrise is of the deepest orange and the horse riders ride through the plains with the fresh wind in their faces while singing the most beautiful verses of the savanna songs. This land where the harp and the maracas sound alike a heavenly concert of rhythms. Their strong foot-stepping dance awakes the cows as they graze across the immense plains. Continuing with our trip we move to a beautiful place in the mountains of the Antioquia region, where the earth smells of brandy, aguardiente and coffee. A region where women adorn their hair with the most beautiful flowers in the world. Antioquia, a place where men court the women with their music and their guitar, where they are dressed in poncho and carriel to dance the graceful Pasillo Voliao. We then continue onto a region of human warmth, where the San Juanero is listened to with great pride. El Huila, where the most energetic dances are from, the San Pedro and the San Juanero, these landmarks dances that transmit the joyful sounds of the bambucos, traditional of this magical land. We continue towards the Pacific where we find our African heritage, expressed through their drums, dance and music, where the main food is fish, banana, cheese and coconut water. The Pacific, where the San Pacho fest, take over with salsa rhythms and currulaos. We carry on now to the Caribbean, the region of the Barranquilla Carnival, where people have nothing to do with the divine mandate and Cumbias and QUIEN LO VIVE ES QUIEN LO GOZA.

Reserve your seat with time, we just can allocate 77 people, if you don't have a reservation we cannot guarantee a seat.

(if you planning to bring children 10+ please)

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Volvio Juanita

Colombian Dance UK, Talentos School of Dance CIC is an organisation based in London which offers Latin American performing arts like theatre, dance and music to all ages. As well we develop cultural events for the communities in general.

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