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Fusion de los Pueblos 2019

Updated: May 12, 2021


On Saturday, the fourth edition of the "Fusion of The Peoples" was held, the presenter of which was the main annual Latin American folk competition in the UK. Again at the Peckham Theatre, about 200 spectators gathered, as well as about 100 artists.

This time the theme was called "Carnivals of our Peoples", which focused on various ways in which in different localities this festival of Catholic origins occurs. Many of these carnivals represented in this contest have been considered by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

There were 10 groups. In Peru was Expression Inka who made 2 acts (one of musical instruments and another representative to the carnival of Cajamarca). In Bolivia, milton Flores and the stage dances Caporales Centralistas San Miguel, Salay UK and Salay Bolivia were Bolivian. Colombia also participated 3 other sets: Yuruparí, Somos Chibchas and Talentos. Paraguay was represented by Eireté and the Dominican Republic by Dominicans in Action.

I have witnessed this event every year and it now shows a greater professionalism and level of organization, so we greet all its directors.


The 3 Colombian groups that participated have a long experience and Yuruparí has already celebrated its 31st anniversary.

Yuruparí and Talentos represented the most famous carnival of the Spanish-speaking Caribbean: Barranquilla. The Talent Director disguised himself as death, a typical carnival character, making a mockery of her.

Somos Chibchas represented the Festivals of Pacho that come from the Colombian Pacific coast showing the great influence of the former African slaves who predominate so much in the Chocó area.

Isaac Bigio

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