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Mitos y Leyendas

Talentos Group presented a spectacular show the last 27 of Oct, full of charisma, art, and love for our land Colombia, all we do has passion and a great sense of humour. We will be having a special Halloween edition this year. “Myth & Legends. “Mitos y Leyendas” . This event will be both magical and terrifying! But mostly full of dance and great Latin music .

This show took place on October 26 in the centre of London, thanks to the collaboration of Bar N1 of London Bridge and a fleet of dancers and theatre makers armed with enjoyment and above all a crazy desire to dance. An artistic expression that harmonized narratives of four of the best known legends in the country with their regional dances.

A presentation with a turnaround of theatre and stories of legendary beings, told by

storytellers eager to recite the stories of grandmothers and our ancestors. Once again the Talent Group showed that the good ones are more and infected a cheerful audience with the flavour of their dancing energy and full of elated rhythms. Colombia has an extensive collection of stories, myths and legends that have been forged since the time of the Spanish conquest, and that have been passed from generation to generation through a fusion of Indian, black and white races. Stories of everyday life with emotional content, with impressions of love and heartbreak, magic and wonderful stories. A fusion that gave rise to these mystical and supernatural stories.

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